Each of Testmark’s five laboratory locations are licensed to perform regulated drinking water analysis. Our scope of testing covers all testing required under O. Reg. 170/03 and our staff are trained to meet the requirements for adverse water quality notification. Our laboratories are also accredited to provide compliance and investigative testing associated with wastewater, including full nutrient profiling (TKN, NH3, TP, NO2, NO3) as well as BOD, CBOD, microbiological testing, and much more.

Need immediate data alerts? Beyond the standard adverse notification procedures followed for regulated drinking water, we can immediately cue automated text or email alerts to you and your team based on any data threshold you set as soon as your data is approved and before you even receive your report. You set the limits that matter to you. Our final reports can also be customized to your own site-specific pass/fail criteria, or defaulted to standard regulatory criteria, to allow you to easily identify result exceedances for your specific site.

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