Testmark provides customized analysis for all fish tissue, vegetation or general biota investigations. Each submission is uniquely profiled, and care is taken to gather information on your specific requirements prior to analysis, including:

  • Sample prep – are samples to be subsampled or wholly homogenized?
  • Results reported in dry weight or wet weight concentrations?
  • Specific detection level requirements?
  • Preference for a photo diary illustrating the sample prep procedure for your samples?

The sampling effort to harvest fish or biota specimens is often quite significant and the same care and attention to detail must be maintained in the analytical testing component. Testmark is one of only a handful of Canadian labs specifically accredited for fish tissue and we have worked with many mining and environmental clients with customized analysis of fish, vegetation and biota studies. We have experience working with clients on customized studies, including low-volume sample submissions, by providing analysis for a variety of analytes including PCBs, metals, lipids, herbicides and pesticides.

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